A Story of Passion

The story begins in 1960’s in Posto Vecchio, a beach of Salento. It’s been passed down from generation to generation, nurturing a dream and now, almost 50 years on, the story brought us this far.


The restaurant was built as a slit house, where the mussels were picked up out the sea and just sold providing their initial freshness.

A sea view life.

La Cozza restaurant has a unique and lovely view: the deepest shades of blue are mixed with the subtlest and shaded nuances of the sky, it’s here that the horizon become vague and unclear far as the eyes can see.


The nature gives us the most completed colour palette that ever existed: all we can do is just to observe this show in a very sensitive and brilliant way: it’s in this atmosphere, almost 50 years on, that we reinterpret the traditional dishes of our local cuisine.