A story that comes

from the sea.


The cuisine gives you the opportunity to taste our daily courses in constant evolution: from the breakfast with a delicious bakery, to the lunch with a summer and  fresh menu, After have been used the restaurant’s organized beach, or moreover at dinner with the fine dishes based on fresh and local fish and sea foods.


Our cuisine may be defined traditional and innovative at the same time because it mixes the past and present traditions of a magic land, and also the family’s traditions for three generations.

The menu offers tasty dishes with pleasant flavours, thanks to an accurate selection of high quality ingredients.


Special events are organized in the restaurant: special dinner, gala dinner, theme party in particular occasions and festivities, or for the most important events of your life: anyway you can have the possibility to taste a fantastic dinner.

The details

The details makes the difference and the attention to details is reflected on our culinary creation in a perfect mélange of flavors and colors.  

Special events

An important moment should be celebrated in all its glory. It’s precious and unique and we make efforts to make it so, whether for a dinner or for a special event it’s here that it will be unforgettable.

Smart pleasures

A wonderful terrace, famous dinner gala, delicious appetizers: this is our idea of classy pleasure.

Sweet goodness

Let the sound of the waves cradle you tasting the sweet bakery of La cozza restaurant.